Liberia’s Deputy Speaker To Contest Against Close Ally – Holds Consultation Ahead Of 2020

There is a likelihood that the Deputy Speaker of the 54th National Legislature and Bong County Electoral District #2 Representative Prince K. Moye will contest against his close ally Senator Henry W. Yallah in the 2020 mid-term Senatorial election in the County.

Senator Yallah’s 9-years tenure will be ending in 2020 creating a vacancy in the County, a vacancy the Senator still wants to occupy but it seems that other politicians including Deputy Speaker Moye want to occupy the seat.

The signs of him participation are on the walls evidence by his constant engagements with citizens across the County, but the question is, who will be the people’s favorite comes October 10, 2020?

Well, that is with the electorates in the County to answer that based on the performances of the two Lawmakers in the County over the years.

Rep. Moye who is in the second year of his second term has started holding consultative meetings in the County with the latest taken place at the John Gowan’s Junior and Senior High Campus in Salala District Bong County over the weekend. The meeting brought together stakeholders from Lower Bong including Fuamah, Sanoyea and Salala Districts.

Briefing Newsmen at the end of the meeting, Deputy Speaker Moye said the intent of the gathering is to solicit the views of the stakeholders relating to request made by other citizens of the County asking him to contest the 2020 senatorial election.

“And I think the consultation is going well when we conclude it we will let the people of Bong County yea Liberia know whether we have considered the decision to run. It’s going to be concluding soon like we started here in Salala today; we going to be going to Fuamah and then we will go to Sanoyea, we not going to cover all of the areas but those major areas, those major Towns and Villages” the Bong County Lawmaker stated.

Hon. Moye explained that request made by Bongese for him to participate in the 2020 Senatorial Election is an added responsibility and he does not see it as being comfortable because there is a comfort at where he is.

The Lawmaker said if the people want him to deliver at places that he has not seen tangible development that they are yarning for, who he is to not listen to their plat.

“It is not about being comfortable, if it is a call to service and that’s what I want to look at it in that fashion other than that I am pretty seated where I am, but if it is an added responsibility and a call to service I want to get their opinion so that it informs my decision” he said.

When asked whether he feels happy going against Senator Yallah, Hon. Moye said going against the Senator is not about being happy because he is happy with where he is, but it is about the aspiration of his people stating that once his people are happy it makes him more happier.

He said if the people feel that he can deliver more than Senator Yallah that’s why he is carrying on consultation to establish whether it is on that basis then he will make a decision.

Rep. Moye at the same time disclosed that while he was in the United States of America recently, citizens of Bong County residing in America admonished him to listen to the voices of his people.

The Bong County Lawmaker used the occasion to inform citizens of Lower Bong that it is not about where an individual comes from, but it is about the passion of that individual to serve adding that other than that the people of Lower Bong could not be complaining about a big title on grounds that they have had enough.

“But what have they translated interms of development, that should be the question on the minds of Lower Bong people; it should not be about position now, it should be about yes they want the Senatorial seat to come. So that’s not an argument right now the argument is who can occupy that seat that will bring the needed development should be the problem right now” he concluded.

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