National Commission On Higher Education Accredits CEPRESS University In Bong

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After a series of thorough investigations and scrutinization, Liberia’s Commission on Higher Education has accreditated  CEPRES International University (CIU).

The Commission’s grants CIU the accreditation after searching the University’s campuses in Monrovia and Bong County. During the processes, officials from the Commission assessed the University facilities, qualification of personnel and other facilities.
Upon the accreditation of CEPRES International University, its Dean of Registrar Admissions and Records Moses Tommie describes the accreditation as historic and outstanding.

Mr. Tommie wants residents in Bong, Montserrado and other Counties utilize the courses offer by CEPRES University in acquiring higher education.

The CEPRES Dean of registrar, records and admission is urging sons, daughters and officials from Bong County to support the efforts of the University in providing the necessary and quality education to desirous Liberians including other nationals and disengage from spreading false messages about the Institution that are unrealistic.

CEPRESS University- was established February 10, 2014 to provide quality and affordable education to desiring young Liberians and other nationals
Since the foundation of CIU it has been actively impacting required knowledge in the sciences and other related fields of studies and boast of qualified lectures.

CEPRES University offers Degrees in School of Public Health  Allied Health Sciences, School of Environmental and Development studies; School of Applied Sciences, School of Education; School of Engineering, School of Business & Public Administration and Policy Studies, School of Agriculture and School of Professional Studies.

Besides being accredited by the Commission on Higher Education in Liberia, CEPRESS University has partnerships with several Universities across Africa, Asia, America, the UK and other countries and is a member of International Academic and Management Association “IAMA”.
Moses noted partnership with International Universities signifies CIU has what it takes academically to provide the necessary education desperate Liberians seek.

During its just-concluded semester, students were busy as usual during some critical researches in their field of disciplines.

Besides, providing academic programs the Center for Environmental and Public Health Research University has also been engaged in providing awareness in selected communities.

CIU, its registrar, Dean of records and admission noted is intentionally interested in Liberians ensuring their communities are safe, best hygiene practices including other basic things and seeks support from Government and partners.

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  1. Good day to the administration of this institution I am interested in studying at this institution and I over hear that the study is done online how factual is the information.because with the economic crisis in our country,and as a youth who want to acquire knowledge dose it means that the institution do not allow it students to sit in class? Only online study are there?.

  2. Good day,
    Im interested in studying at this institution.
    How the registration process looks like?
    Im very proud of the 100% online service.
    Pls reply me asap.

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