National Economic Dialogue Kicks Off September 4th – 250 Delegates Expected

The National Economic Dialogue propose by President George Weah is expected to commence in the early part of September this year.

The conference which is high on President Weah agenda is expected to look at durable solutions geared toward resuscitating the struggling Liberian economy.

Following the pronouncement by President Weah, the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has been given the mandate to lead the process towards the organization of the dialogue in collaboration with other development partners.

Former Liberia’s Foreign Minister Dr. Togar Gayewea Mcintosh at a news conference Wednesday asserted that the three-day event beginning September 4 will stimulate a broad-based national conversation on the state and fate of the Liberian Economy.

Dr. Togar Gayewea Mcintosh who is the head of an independent National Dialogue Secretariat on the Economy asserted that the forthcoming National Economic Dialogue is expected to bring together at least 250 participants from all parts of Liberia.

According to Dr. Mcintosh, participants will be drawn from the private sector, political parties, labor unions, academia, students as well as the religious community.

He added that that the event will be based on four thematic areas which include Public Finance Mobilization and Management, Investment Promotion and Private Sector Growth, Youth Unemployment and skill development and Peace and Reconciliation for sustained economic growth.

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