NEC Declares Abu Bana Kamara Of The CDC As Winner Of District #15 By-Election

The National Elections Commission of Liberia (NEC) has declared Abu Bana Kamara of the CDC as the winner of the just-ended district #15 by-election.

Making the pronouncement the Acting Chairman of the National Elections Commission Hon. Jonathan Weedor on behalf of the Board of Commissioners reported that all of the 6 precincts or 20 polling places in the Montserrado County District 15 rerun election have reported results and those results have been tallied.

“I, therefore, declare Abu Bana Kamara, having accumulated the highest votes from both the July 29 and August 28, 2019 polls, as the winner.”


Mr. Weedor said immediately following the close of the polls on Wednesday, the counting of votes commenced at all 20 polling places in the District. The result of each polling place was placed on the wall for public viewing. In addition, distributed copies were handed to party agents representing political parties and independent candidates with the first five highest votes in each polling place. The original copy of results from each polling place was placed in a Tamper Evident Envelope (TEE), brought here last evening, and were tallied. Like the counting of votes, the tally process was done in the full glare of party agents, local and international observer groups and the Media.

The acting Commission expressed heartfelt thanks to all field staff including poll workers, many of whom spent sleepless hours in ensuring that the elections were successful.

He also expressed special thanks and appreciation to the leadership and officers of the joint security forces, mainly the Liberia National Police for helping to provide the enabling environment for the successful conduct of the By-Elections in district #15 in Montserrado County and the Media for keeping the Liberian people informed on the by-election.

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