Civil Law Court Orders Fahnbulleh Arrested For Gross Disrespect


The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Fahnbulleh has been ordered arrested for what the Civil Law Court Judge, Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay termed as, “Gross Dis-Respect” to the court.

The Writ of Arrest on Thursday, August 29, 2019, grew out of a Writ of Contempt from the Civil Law Court for his constant defiant of the court’s citations to appear in an Action of Damages for Wrong filed against him by Mr. Loysius Garr.

According to the Writ of Arrest in the possession of The Monrovia Times, Judge Gbeisay ordered that,

“you are hereby commanded to arrest the living body of the above-named defendant (Hon Henry Fahnbullleh to be identified) to be brought before the above-named court to show cause if any, why he should not be held in contempt of court for gross disrespect to this court.”

The Writ further indicated that

“The sheriff of this court, his deputies or any and all arresting officers, are to have the above-named defendant arrested and appear before the above-named court, reference to the above-captioned cause of action/case immediately upon his arrest”.

Prior to the insurance of the Writ of Arrest, a Writ of Contempt of Court was issued to be served on Mr. Fahnbulleh but according to Bailiff Eric Newton of the Civil Law court who went at the office of the Deputy Foreign Minister to execute the order, the security personnel assigned to Fahnbulleh office carried the precept in his office.

The sheriff returned on the court’s filed stated that, “When the Bailiff inquired from him (security personnel), he said to the Bailiff “wait,” the chief is going through the paper, after several minutes of waiting, the chief protocol officer of Fahnbulleh office came out with the precept in his hand and said to the bailiff, “ look my friend, the next time you come here with this uniform and this paper, I will order your arrest and jail you” the sheriff return added.

The sheriff return further stated that he informed the bailiff that, “carry this paper to whoever sent you”.

Predicated upon that, Judge Gbeisay issued the Writ of Arrest to have him brought before the court.

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