VP Taylor Descends On Educational Stakeholders Accuses Them Of Societal Problems In Liberia

Liberia Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor has descended on the educational system of the Country for the growing wave of societal problems in Liberia.

Speaking at the 61st graduation and closing exercises of the Dolokelen Gboveh High School in Gbarnga, Bong County On Friday, August 30, 2019, VP Taylor alleged that educational stakeholders in the Country have over the years fail to indoctrinate the younger generation, the moral value of nationalism.

The Bong County patriotic daughter said being a well-meaning citizens, under the doctrine of progressive individualism the Ministry of Education and stakeholders have cardinal responsibility to provide the platform for the creation of a new and holistic people-driven discourse that seeks to solidify schooling kids in Liberia, on ground that children spend more time at school them with their parents.

The Liberia tough-talking Vice president further underscored the need for educational stakeholders mind to be reawaking that they should go back to the old days, “adding in order to reinstate discipline, integrity, hard work, brilliance and fair competition because these were the pillar that my generation was privileged to learn.”

Moreover, Vice President Taylor said, if educational stakeholders in the country cannot begin to deed with these issues Liberia will not move forward, because the same future leaders who are supposed to move the country forward are the ones are engage dubious act in public offices in the Country.

Additionally, VP Taylor said accept educational stakeholders in the Country instill discipline that is the only way Liberia will have a better generation in the future.

“Today you have begun a journey that is a necessary step towards national governance, be admonished that whatever is achieved here should be transformed into tangible and worthy careers that will have a significant impact on your communities and country at large not an education that would be a replica of what is seen in various streets corners and haitai centers,” she stressed.

In another development, VP Taylor also lashes church leaders who are hailing corrupt leaders in the Country.

She said it very scandalous for religious leaders in the Country to hailed people who are looting state coffers.

“Those days if you were cut in corruption web you will be put at the backbench of the church, but churches are no longer doing that because everything is money,” VP Taylor arrived.


  • I say MT, let me help to edit/proofread your news before going to press. Y’all hurting pipo head too much. Da colloquial English y’all got your degrees neh in or is to write standard English! Ay mehn!!! So so chapping my boy.


  • Telling it as it is

    Is it me or are some peoples honourifics getting longer and longer? E.g. ‘Liberia Vice President Chief Dr.’
    And in what subject did the VP do her Ph.D (which is what entitles one to use the honorific of ‘Dr.’) and where can one read her post-graduate dissertation?


  • Corrupt leaders? What about murderous Charles Taylor an your stepson sadistic. Chunky? Talk about holistic where was this when you knew you were sleeping with a mass murderer and his killer son? Your benefitted from corruption


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