“Legislature Blame For National Pains”-As Traditional Leaders Warn Against Insulting, Assaulting Colleagues

“We hold the legislature responsible for our pains. It is not our pleasure to publicly ridicule you as leaders, but enough is enough with what transpires among you daily. It is often said that open rebuke is better than secret love. In our hearing, some of you spoke to us the truth and cautioned us also to speak the truth,” Traditional Leaders accused Members of the National Legislature.

The statement that Members of the Legislature are responsible for the pains that Liberians are going through is part of the Traditional Leaders’ Conference on Peace and Reconciliation recommendations and outcomes that was released recently.

At the end of the Traditional Leader Conference on Peace and Reconciliation, they urged lawmakers to remember that the Legislature is not a place to accumulate wealth at the detriment of the people but to serve the people and country so that they can be remembered in history.

According to the Chiefs, Elders and other traditional leaders, they unapologetically hold the view that the Government, particularly the Legislature has the greatest responsibility to sustain the peace and security in this present economic and political crisis that Liberians are faced with.

The Traditional Leaders believed that it is a waste of resources to use taxpayers’ money and useful time for which the lawmakers are being paid, for the making of laws that will benefit only a selected few including them.

They further added in their recommendations that Members of 54th National Legislature should work in the interest of the people because they were elected to represent their various districts instead of seeking their selfish and greedy interest.

“It is unfair to us the people who elected, you were not elected to take more than half a year to pursue the removal of one man from office only because you want to certify you political appetite,” the Traditional Leaders noted.

Our traditional leader has urged Members of the Legislature to respect each other’s view so as to avoid misunderstanding among them because it has come to the understanding that others are deprived of putting forth their views when it comes to critical national issues.

On the other hand, they have also warned those who have burning issues to express themselves respectfully and not with insults, adding that “Remember you are honorable people.”

“Lastly, our honorable sons and daughters of the Legislature, we elect you, because we trust your understanding, you are all important men and women that if willing can change the course,” they said.

The National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia has further recommended that there is a need to sustain all efforts by the Government of Liberia all collaborating partners including opposition political parties for extensive dialogue in every sector of the society.

According to the Chiefs and Elders of Liberia, the previous historical records of Liberia are considered inaccurate and lacking objectivity, resulting in further division of the diverse ethnic, religious and traditional communities.

Meanwhile, the Council Chiefs and Elders have noticed that there are too many spokespersons of the Weah-led government which is responsible for escalation of tension in the country among state actors but urged that for President George M. Weah to ease the tension only persons who are responsible like the Information Minster and Presidential Press Secretary or designated individuals should speak on behalf of the Government.

“Again to both Government and Opposition, these words may sound harsh and hurtful in the ears of some of you but remembers that every one of you, one way or the other has a father, uncle, mother or aunt among us, therefore it is from most cherished love we speak to you,” the Council of Chiefs and Elders said.

The over two-week conference on peace and reconciliation was concluded with several recommendations which were submitted on the 6th day of September, AD 2019 to the Government of Liberia and other international partners for further actions

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