MARCUSA’s President Wants Financial Aid Re-established-Admonishes Colleagues To Hold Together

The newly inducted President of the Margibi Cuttington University Student Association (MARCUSA), J. Lux Fallah wants the Margibi Legislative Caucus and the County Administration re-established the financial aid that existed in the County years ago.

Mr. Fallah disclosed that students in the County are undergoing financial constraint and are only depending on donors and other partners thereby expressing the need for the financial aid program to be re-established.

According to him, the re-establishment of the program is cardinal and should be taken into consideration by the County leadership.

“We, therefore, call on all politicians to put aside all their differences and do all they can do in their right mind to making sure that they can provide tuition aid to desirous students representing Margibi County” he expressed.

He said it is their ardent hope that MARCUSA along with other student groupings constructively engaged the leadership of the County to bring back the financial aid program.

In another development, the MARCUSA President has challenged his colleagues to hold together in moving the Association forward. He also cautioned his colleagues to responsively respond to their responsibility.

Mr. Fallah asserted that they can only succeed if they responsively respond to their responsibility and integrate their ideas that will have a positive trigger down effect on them.

“Let us remember that one thing that we have in common is MARCUSA, we have MARCUSA as our common denominator, therefore; the call to unity is a cardinal one” he stated.

Fallah recounted that it is prudent enough for them to erect the necessary checkpoints on hatred, mere confabulation, segregation and jealousy that have the propensity to impair the growth and development of the association.

He said it is time that officials and members of MARCUSA wake up from their slumber and redefine the Association and make it the most robust and vibrant one as it was under the leadership of Forkpah Pewee and others.

J. Lux Fallah made the statement at a program marking the induction ceremony of the leadership of the Margibi Cuttington University Student Association (MARCUSA) held in the auditorium of the Frances Mitchell Memorial Academic in Kakata over the weekend.

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