School Administrator Welcomes The Establishment Of War And Economic Crime Courts-But Wants Citizens Involvement

The Principal of the Kakata Community College (KCC) in Kakata City Margibi County, Anthony Mulbah Jallah has welcomed the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Courts in the Country.

Though Mr. Jallah said the issue of the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Courts is long overdue and should have been established long ago, he revealed that if the Courts are established, it will make people desist from thinking of committing future atrocities, getting involved into creating war in the Country and it will stop the issue of impunity.

Mr. Jallah further intoned that the establishment of the Courts will make people who are in places of public trust to be conscious and mindful of how they will go about with financial deals and dealings.

“We cannot have a Nation where atrocities were committed or people continue to steal public fund and just going with impunity, it is time that we establish speedily the War Crime and the Economic Crime Courts so that at least people can be held accountable for their actions” he expressed.

According to him, if this is done Liberia and Liberians will get themselves properly and sustainably reconciled so that there will not be other people causing trauma in the lives of others going with impunity especially those who are boastful of the acts they committed.

Mr. Jallah narrated that it is about time that those who committed crimes come out publicly and appeal to the Liberian people for the kind of crimes that they committed against them whether economically or in terms of atrocity.

He said Liberia cannot continue to run in isolation to other nations stating that as much as one man cannot be seen on the face of the West African Coast (Liberia) as a hero it is about time that the Courts be established in order for people to show remorse of conscious for whatever acts they committed.

Principal Jallah, “and we as Liberians if we want to forgive we can forgive if we want to hold them accountable may be so that there can be some reparation we can do that as a nation and we will be reconciling ourselves”.

The KCC Principal said the issue of forgiveness can only take place if people are sincere for the acts committed adding that there is no way that God cannot forgive an individual who does not confess as such; people must confess and be in the position to think away from whatever they have done.

Anthony M. Jallah has at the same time recommended to the 54th National Legislature to conduct full flesh consultations in their various constituencies soliciting the views of those that they are representing because they were the ones who were directly or indirectly affected by whatever that took place in the Country.

He narrated that before the recommendation ever reach their desks it was about time for members of Legislature to have gone into their constituencies to consult their people, but since the President has taken the bull by the horn it is about time that they go to their people in order for them to be given the power to be able to take a decision on the establishment of the Courts.

The School Administrator added that Lawmakers who allegedly committed crimes in the country have no option in the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Courts and are not going to take a decision in the absence of the citizens.

Mr. Jallah meanwhile recommended that the Courts, when established, should start investigating from 1979 to present because it was the year that dragged the country to the bitter war.

He called on the International Community to have a face and voice in whatever that is obtaining on grounds that Liberia is living in total collaboration and coordination with the comedy of nations around the World.

Mr. Jallah asserted on Monday September 16, 2019 in an interview with newsmen at his KCC’s office in Kakata.

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