Armed Robbery Rocks Gbarnga – As Citizens Live In Fear

Several Communities in Gbarnga, Bong County came under heavy attack early Wednesday and Friday morning on September 18-20, 2019.

The communities include Lofa Road Community, Brooklyn and Kokoyah Road Communities.

Many of the victims who received cutlass and bullet wounds during the attack told our correspondent in separate interviews that the robber, armed to their teeth with machetes and other deadly weapons allegedly broke into their homes and made away with several items and cash.

They explained that the armed robbers threatened to take their lives if they refused to give them money.

Moreover, one of the victims of the Friday’s September 21, 2019 robbery, Joseph N. Kollie said the armed robber made away with $80,000 Liberian Dollars, $250 United States dollars, 3 packs Lone star scratch card and 1 pack of orange scratch card.

“During the attack, at least one person was reported dead” the victim added.

The victims of the Gbarnga armed robbery attack are calling on the Bong County security apparatus to institute measures to put an immediate end to the alarming wave of criminal activities in Gbarnga and its surroundings.

The citizens want the Liberian government to launch a vigorous security operation aimed at dislodging the criminals from their hideouts.

A survey conducted by this paper revealed that citizens and residents of Gbarnga and its environs are now going to bed as early as 8:00 PM due to the armed robbery fear that has engulfed the entire city.

Over the last few weeks, the wave of armed robbery incidents has increased in the County thus leaving several residents to live in constant fear.

In many instances, residents sustain injuries while attempting to resist the robbers’ demands.

Meanwhile, several residents have expressed serious concern over the constant wave of armed robbery and criminal activities in the County.

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