ECOWAS Parliament Wants Robust Legislation Enacted To Address Negative Impacts of Transhumance

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliamentarians have resolved that Members of the ECOWAS region enact robust legislation to address the negative impacts of transhumance and effectively utilize their other legislative functions of budget allocation and oversight functions.

Members of the 4th Legislature of the ECOWAS Parliament at the closed of its Extra-Ordinary Session noted that if those robust legislations are enacted, it will ensure that the right policies and programs on transhumance and agricultural development are adequately funded and properly implemented through regular monitoring and supervision.

ECOWAS Parliament seminar which ended last week was held in Monrovia on the theme “Transhumance and Inter-Community Conflicts in the ECOWAS Region,” and brought together over hundred delegates from member states to address the issue of conflicts in the region.

At the close of the debate, they drafted a resolution that called Members of ECOWAS to develop a model law on transhumance that will facilitate harmonization of national legislation and mechanism on transhumance.

According to Members of the ECOWAS Parliament, these model laws help member states embark on the process reviewing of ECOWAS Decision and regulations related to transhumance in order to adapt them to present prevailing circumstances in the region.

Parliamentarians from the region have informed Heads of ECOWAS states to provide the necessary inputs to farmers like feeds for their animals, secured pasture areas, adequate water supply, accessible veterinary services, and access to markets with proper prices for their produce.

The resolution further stated that ECOWAS members in the region must also provide infrastructure such roads, schools and other learning institutions, hospitals and other health facilities to be provided to encourage herdsmen to settle in one place with their animals. Meanwhile, they have called on member states to partner and collaborate with all stakeholders; regional organisations, Commission, Regional and National Legislative Assemblies, Farmer and Livestock Organisations, Private Sector, Civil Society Organisations, Farmers and Herdsmen themselves, with a view to finding a lasting and sustainable solution to herdsmen and farmer conflict with all its attendant consequences.

The ECOWAS Parliament, meeting in its Plenary Session of 20 September 2019, during its Extraordinary Session, 16 – 21, September in Monrovia adopted the resolution that called ECOWAS Member States to formulate and implement policies to modernize agriculture and encourage training for herdsmen in modern scientific method to improve animal husbandry practices

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