Lawmaker Wants Gov’t Abandoned Harmonization

District#13 Representative Edward Papay Flomo has recommended that the Government of Liberia abandon the harmonization process of salary to avoid confusion in the minds of most public employees.

According to Representative Flomo, the Government of Liberia has for the past months proposed a major salary harmonization of all its employees in the wake of the inability of the government to meet its obligation to pay the employees.

He said there has however been disagreement between and among Liberians on the manner and form the government is implementing the plan without the approval of the legislature.

“In recent days, the National Health Workers of Liberia announced a major go-slow action in rejection of the cutting of their salaries by the government. This threat by the Health workers followed similar threats from employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority. The government of Liberia has meanwhile insisted that the decision is in the interest of its sustainability plan to reduce the huge wage bill of the government. In view of the foregoing, I am therefore recommending to the Government of Liberia to respectfully abandon the harmonization process to avoid the current confusion in the minds of most public employees. This process if abandon will restore the hope of employees of the government who are currently disappointed with low morale in the exercise of their duties.

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