Margibi Superintendent Invokes God’s Wrath Upon Government Officials

Margibi County Superintendent Jerry Varnie has invoked the wrath of God upon government officials that are responsible for the challenges Liberia and Liberians continue to face.

Supt. Varnie made the assertion at the end of a popular prayer event “Morning Glory” held at the Philadelphia Church in Kakata over the weekend.

The Superintendent in his statement revealed that Margibi and Liberia are bleeding, accusing some Government officials of being responsible thereby charging the men and women of God to double up in prayer.

“I want to charge all of our fathers and mothers in the house, Liberia is bleeding; Margibi is bleeding and some of us in Government are some of the causes for these bleedings, I want to charge and challenge the alter and the people of God, I know you’ve been praying but you need to double up. The Bible says when the righteous leads the people will rejoice and they will be happy but when the wicked rules the people will suffer and cry” he explained.

He stated that if there are some evil alter in the life of Government even in County Administration including him (Supt. Varnie) God should root it out.

The Margibi County Superintendent wants God to plot out those evil companies that may be around the President and in Margibi that cannot repent including him adding that this is the only way Margibi and Liberia will rise and shine.

He, however, intoned that there are lots that have been said about him and the County but he leaves all with God because he is in Bible-believing Church and the only name he knows is the name Jesus.

Since the inception of his leadership in the County, Superintendent Varnie has been accused of being corrupt.

It can be recalled that during the celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Margibi County Muslim Council accused Superintendent Varnie of using a portion of the Ramadan gifts that were sent to the County by President George Manneh Weah through the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their use.

The Superintendent on behalf of the Council reportedly received L$150,000 along with 150 bags of rice to be presented to Muslims in the County through the Margibi County Muslim Council (MCMC) and he was on tape for also saying he presented the full amount to the Council in observance of the Ramadan but the Chairman of the Council Kuku Reeves denied receiving the full amount of cash and rice from him.

The Council according to its Chairman received L$100,000 along with with 140 bags of rice something that contradicts the Superintendent’s statement. Mr. Reeves also explained that the Superintendent gave the Council L$4000 to be used to transport the 140 bags of rice from his conference room to the Council’s office in Kakata.

He told our reporter that minutes following the presentation, Hon. Varnie informed the Council that he used L$46,000 to transport the 150 bags of rice from Monrovia to Kakata and at the same time requested for 20bags of rice to be used on those he referred to as maintenance people. Mr. Reeves added that the Council and the Superintendent compromised on giving him (Superintendent Varnie) 10 bags instead of 20.

Superintendent Varnie then could not deny nor confirm the allegation but said he did no wrong and at the same time boasted that he cannot be removed from his post.

The latest is the selection of some relatives of his and none – Margibians to represent the County at the All Margibi Conference in the United States of America beginning the 18th of October 2019.

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