54th Legislature Begins 3rd Session – With Calls To Enact More People Centered Laws

Members of the 54th National Legislature Monday, January 13, 2020, began its 3rd Session with calls for the enactment of more people-centered bills that will drive the development of the Country.

The opening of Session is based on Article 32 of the Liberian Constitution.
Article 32 (a) “The Legislature shall assemble in regular session once a year on the second working Monday in January.”

According to House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers, the House of Representatives need to focus on three cardinal areas of development through the discharge of their duties. He named the Mining, Fishery, and Forest sectors as priority areas in order to build the revenue envelop of the country and attract foreign investments.

“Now than ever before, concrete steps must be taken for the visualization of sound economic growth. Economic growth is key for the nation’s transformative agenda”.

Highlighting specific importance of the sectors, the Speaker indicated that there is an urgent need for critical reforms in the laws managing the forest in order to amend or repeal antiquated and unhelpful laws that are unhealthy for the state and its people.

“In the forest sector, there is zero growth . Sadly, increased conflicts within, amongst and between clans, communities, families, neighbors, friends and even counties are so rampant”.

With regards to the fishery sector, Speaker Chambers expressed satisfaction that it is making giant strides but more needs to be done to ensure that the sector benefits from laws and practices in countries such as Norway and Vietnam. Those two countries are known as few of the top fish and seafood exporting countries.

“The State through us as representatives of the people, itself must look into running or managing some goldmines and use the contents as bullion to support the Liberian currency. When the economy is stable, the society will certainly develop”, the Speaker mentioned of the Mining Sector.

Dr. Chambers underscored the need for Lawmakers to remain engaged with Constituents as a means to highlight their plights. He lauded members of the House for the huge level of coordination and collaboration over the 2nd Session and pledged to promote a more participative and achievement-oriented leadership during this 3rd Session.

“Colleagues! Our people depend on us. We must deliver. It is a fact that we are a true guarantor of a functional government and a just society; therefore, we cannot defer our assigned task (s). I exhort or strongly encourage all of us to work together so that Liberia can become a just, safe, peaceful, united, tolerant and prosperous society where all of our rights and responsibilities will be properly balanced”.

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