President Weah Monitoring Costa Arrest Situation


As news broke on the arrest of provocative talk show host Henry Costa, Sources closer to President George Manneh Weah has said that the president has been brief on the situation.

News of Costa arrest came late Tuesday as the Monrovia Times broke the story citing impeccable sources within the Sierra Leonean government . Mr. Costa was undergoing investigation in Liberia over his acquisition of a laissez-passer which officers of the Liberia immigration  services identified to have been forged.

Hours after the news of his arrest, Mr. Costa himself took to Facebook and confirmed his arrest in a post to his followers saying;

“Don’t worry. I will be okay. The Sierra Leone authorities are being very professional and nice to me. I posted this myself they will let me use my phone. It will be resolved.


It appears that Mr. Costa was trying to say authorities in Sierra Leone will not let him use his phone. It is not confirmed where the controversial talk show host is being held but reports gather by the Monrovia Times says he will be returned to Monrovia on Wednesday.

1 thought on “President Weah Monitoring Costa Arrest Situation

  1. Costa must be returned to Liberia as he is a citizen of Liberia and is on going a investigation he was in the country for three weeks no one kill why will they kill him now.
    Let Sierra Lone do the necessary thing by turning over our citizen, Costa is a big lair and have said so many lies that he needs to prove his self innocent 😇.

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