Aghailas’ Foundation To Launch Peace Conference In Lofa

The Aghailas Foundation owned and operated by a US-Based Liberian is expected to launch a peace conference in Foya District Lofa County in late January 2020.

The Founder of the Foundation, Mr. Tamba D. Aghailas speaking on a local radio show “Diaspora Liberian Special” in Kakata via mobile phone on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, disclosed that all is being set for the launch of the conference which will be followed by a tournament.

The four days events according to Mr. Aghailas will begin on the 29th of January 2020. He narrated that several personalities including members of the Lofa County Legislative Caucus, the local County Administration and other eminent citizens of the County have been invited to grace the occasion.

According to him, the conference intends to reconcile citizens of Foya District and Lofa County which were devastated by the civil crisis thus impacting many daughters and sons of the two areas (Foya District and Lofa County).

He averred that the conference will focus on challenges they have seen around maintaining the peace in the District and the County and some of the measures needed to be put in place to mitigate and try to resolve any existing conflict within the District and any future risk of conflict.

The goal of the conference, Mr. Aghailas said is to inspire, change the mentality of politicians going around during election circle to give handouts to people when they need the votes and to also change the outlook of the District stating that for too long the downtrodden masses have been given handouts.

Tamba stated that Foya was one of the areas that were hit during the civil war and it lost so much, noting that there was not an exchange of gunfire between the government forces at the time; but once the NPFL rebel took over the Town with the formation of the different factions and Foya was cut off in the middle of the war starting from 1993 up to 2003.

“Foya was devastated, many daughters and sons of Foya District and Lofa County were impacted in that war; Foya is still impacted even though we survived the war and made it up and went to Guinea as refugees, Foya continues to feel the impact of the civil war” he lamented.

Additionally, Mr. Tamba Aghalais explained that even today Foya is one of the least developed Districts while Lofa is one of the least developed Counties despite being the breadbasket of Liberia.

He said this is why his organization is starting in Foya District and Lofa County to set an example and to again bring hope to the people of Foya and Lofa County respectively.

The US-Based Liberian acknowledged that without peace and reconciliation there cannot be development adding that this is why the peace conference will be held to make sure that his people are reconciled.

He asserted that it is not to say that what happened 20 to 30 years ago, those who are responsible will not be accountable notwithstanding, peace must exist amongst the political subdivision of Foya District to find common ground to be able to formulate a development agenda for the District.

Aghailas mentioned that the theme for the conference is “Inspiring and Empowering a new generation of leaders” on grounds that the challenges facing Foya, Lofa and Liberia derived from leadership deficit.

He called on Liberians both in and out of Foya District and Lofa County to turn out in their numbers to grace the occasions.


  • Way to go Mr. Aghailas. Let God continues to bless as you give back to others, strive to meet your dream


  • Giving back to your community is important and part of being who you are is about helping others. The great Mohammed Ali stated “Service to others is thebrent you pay for your room here on earth”


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