Alleged Rape Scandal Protest against Hon. Kiazolu Turns Violent As Pro And Anti-Protesters Clash


January 16, 2020-Monrovia: Violent protest has erupted at the Capitol Hill with the throwing of stones from pro and anti-protesters against the alleged involvement of Rep. Hassan Kiazolu in a rape Scandal

Earlier this morning, group of women from District 17 and parts adjacent gathered at the capitol building to demand a speedy investigation into the matter. They chanted anti-rape slogans “Kiazolu is a rapist, real men don’t rape among others.


Moments after the number of the women swelled, group of young men who are believed to be from District 17, broke through the gates of the capitol building singing pro-Kiazolu slogans, indicating that the women gathering was politically motivated. Tension brewed as there were huge clashes between the two groups that resulted into stones throwing and fist fight. 

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Many of the protesters and passersby fled the scene for fear of their lives as the Police Support Unit (PSU) and other riot police officers have arrived to restore calm to the Capitol Hill. Regular Sessions are ongoing in the both chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives. 

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