Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor Opens Up Against Weah Government


Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has finally opened up against the Weah-led government. Vice President Howard-Taylor in a letter to Senate Protemp Albert Chie said she is yet to receive financial allotments stipulated in her 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 budgets.

The Vice President complained about the lack of budgetary support to her office, something she said is hampering the smooth operations of her office and preventing her from leaving her home for the past three weeks.

In a communication to Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie, she said security vehicles belonging to her office are also yet to be made available to her. The Vice President said she was equally elected by the Liberian people describing the maltreatment against her office as completely wrong.

2 thoughts on “Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor Opens Up Against Weah Government

  1. I pray that the vice-president issues is settle as quick as possible. This doesn’t look good for our country.

  2. George Weah has deviated from his previous plan for which he was later. He needs to break the marriage between he and Samuel, Jefferson and mcgill cus they are not helping him for which he was elected. Besides, I don’t see the possibilities of he being reelected 2023

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