Gbarnga Street Pavement Resume

The Liberian government through the Ministry of Public Works has again resumed the Gbarnga Broad Street pavement in Bong County.

At can be recalled that Ministry Public Works last year placed a stay-order on the pavement of the road through written communication from authorities of Bong County to the Ministry of Public Works on grounds that Sidani Group Holding, the company currently doing the pavement of the broad street was using substandard materials.

But, speaking in an interview with The Monrovia Times in Gbarnga on January 15, 2020, the Ministry Public Works Resident Engineer in Bong County, Sylvester B. Zoga said the street pavement was halted due to financial issue and some misunderstanding from residents of the County.

According to Mr. Zoga the Ministry of Public Works has concluded the financial issue with the contractor that is why they have resume pavement of the street.

At first, the Gbarnga Street Pavement project was contracted to East-International Group Incorporated under the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and came to a standstill 2017.

Mr. Zoga said in order to alleviate the people of Bong County out of the old-age road challenge faced; the Ministry of Public Works captured the incomplete Gbarnga Broad street rigid pavement construction project under the Public Sector Investment Program which highlights road connectivity under the pro-poor agenda for Prosperity and Development.

The Sidani Group Holding incorporated has been contracted by the Liberian government through the Ministry of Public Works to complete the Gbarnga Broad street project 1Kilometer and construct three other roads including the Fair Ground road in Buchana-1.5km, the ELWA-Rehab community road 71.7km in Paynesville and Chugbor road 1,2km in Monrovia with 7meters road width earmarked in the project scope for community roads.

In a letter dated January 18, 2019, sent to Mr. Bassam Sidani, the head of the company currently doing the road which copy is in the possession of this paper, some issue was raised by Bong County resident engineer and the local government official of Bong County regarding the change of scope to the Gbarnga Broad street Rigid pavement construction project which brought the project to a halt by the Ministry of Public Works since last year.

The Ministry has meanwhile instructed Sidani Group Holding to construct and complete the pavement project consistent with the existing carriageway of 9.5meter instead of 7.3meters as earmarked in the project document for community roads.

Zoga said Mr. Sidani is also instructed to construct 800meters of roads in linear length, using rigid concrete pavement at 200mili-meters or 8inches thickness instead of 1km in order to reach a compromise in terms variation.

They are also mandated to do all road furniture, including sidewalks and drainages are to be constructed along the 800meters road section and construct the road in line with the technical specification issued her under the watch of the supervision consultant, JLN international.

The company is asked by the Ministry of Public Works to submit her adjusted work schedule to the consultant for prompt resumption of works on the Gbarnga broad street.

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