County Meet Final Ends In Dilemma… As Hassan Corneh Awards Two Strange Penalties To Grand Kru


The 24th edition of the National County Sports Meet came to a sour end for many followers of the competition Sunday, as Nimba County contesting penalty decision walked out of the field.

Nimba County had gone behind in the 27th minute to a controversial penalty and reduced to ten men, but could not withstand a second controversial penalty awarded Grand Kru County by Fifa badged Referee, Hassan Corneh.

The entire Nimba County team walked off of the field when Hassan Corneh pointed to the spot just seven minutes in the second half.

With Grand Kru in the lead 1-0 and Nimba Down to ten-men, instruction came from the bench calling the players to leave the field in protest to the penalty given Nimba County.

It’s the first time in County Meet history that the final match could not end because a side felt cheated.

The game played for just 52 minutes before confusion forced the match to come to a premature end.

Angry fans throw missiles onto the pitch in protest to the penalty, with the Chief Patron of Sports who was enjoying the match, walking out.

The two teams had put up splendid showing in the first half with Grand Kru County goalkeeper Humphrey Grubaye denying Nimba County couple of times, before the penalty came in on the 45th minute.

Rufus Kesseley netted in the spot kick to give Grand Kru the lead, but the match had to be abandoned just seven minutes into the second half.

The Organizers of the county meet (Youth and Sports Ministry and Inter Affairs) were left tight-lipped on the issue as security personnel provided security escort for the officiating team to leave the playing pitch.

It is not clear if the game will be concluded, or replay or Grand Kru County awarded the title.

Several fans left the SKD in frustration as they remarked that such has never happened in County Meet.

The Organizers of the National County Sports Meet were locked up in a serious discussion after that match ended prematurely and are due to come up with a statement by Monday.


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  1. What do you call two strenge penalties? Are you saying the first penalty was not right? Please write the real story

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