Rep. Kolleh Dedicates Bridges Worth USD$11,000.00 In Lower Bong

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Sanoyea District- Bong County Electoral District #7 Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh has dedicated six (6,000) United State Dollars worth bridge in Tomui Town.

The Tomui bridge links several Towns and villages in Yarbayon Clan in Farmah District#7, Bong County.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony of the bridge in Tomui Lower Bong County, Representative Kolleh said the construction of the bridge is intended to be used by his citizens in the area.

He revealed that over the past years citizens of Tomui Town and its surroundings have been suffering in terms of transporting their local products to the market due to the deplorable condition of the bridge.

Old Bridge

In other development, Rep. Kolleh at the same time on August 24, 2021 dedicated the Dargbasue bridge in Sanoyea District in Lower Bong County.

The Dargbasue bridge links several Towns and villages in Sanoyea District #7 in the County.

The CPP, ALP, and Bong County Legislative Caucuses chairman put the estimated cost of the Dargbasue bridge project as little over four thousand five hundred United States Dollars ($5,500.00USD).

He put the estimated costs of the two bridges as little over $ 11,500.00USD.

Rep. Kolleh informed the citizens that the construction of the bridge was finance from his pocket, noting that it’s not a Legislative project.

The Caucuses’ chairman and District #7 Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh told the citizens that he will continue to build bridges and open farm-to-market roads across the District.

The Bong County Electoral District #7 Representative further said the process is intended to help buttress the effort of the government of Liberia in making road connectivity easy for citizens of his constituent.

The Lawmaker said he loves his constituents and assured them that he will strive to serve them and put smiles on their faces at such a point in time when they are in dire need of his humanitarian support.

“I will continue work for you people until the needed development are brought to you people in District #7 and Bong County at large,” he vowed.

For their part, the citizens lauded Rep. Kolleh for helping to develop Farmah and Sanoyea Districts and Liberia through road connectivities.
They believe that the construction of the bridges has brought total relief to them, adding that they will help in the rebuilding process of the Country.

According to the District #7 inhabitants, over the past years, citizens of their Towns and villages including commuters have lost their lives due to the deplorable condition of these bridges in District #7.

The Farmah and Sanoyea District’s citizens are at the same time called on other well-meaning Bongese to emulate the good example of Representative Kolleh in the Districts.

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