Oilers Suffered Asko de Kara At An Empty ATS

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Liberian Football Champions LPRC Oilers made clear their CAF Champions League group stage ambition with a satisfactory 3-0 victory over visiting Togolese Football Champions Asko de Kara at the ATS on Sunday.

Terry Sackor picked up from where he left it in the LFA first division with an early goal.

Despite the low momentum for the match, Coach Cooper Sannoh put together his best selection to get the Oilers striking the first blow in the two-leg fixtures, especially playing the first leg at home.

The visitors came stronger in the second half as the hosts packed the bus.

Oilers relied on long balls as their opponents became wasteful.

Asko de Kara wastefulness was blessings for the Oilers as they ran onto netting in two lovely goals in two minutes for a 3-0 victory.

Asko will need to overturn that scoreline if they are to be in the next round of the CAF Champions League preliminary.

Irvin Gboto and James Richardson completed the win for Oilers who just need to avoid a 4-0 defeat away in Togo to progress to the second round of the CAF Champions League preliminary.

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