Artificial Turf Will Address The SKD Sports Complex Playing Pitch Problem

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Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson says despite tremendous efforts made to rehabilitate the playing pitch at the SKD Sports Complex, the problem with the pitch can only be resolved with the laying of artificial turf.

Minister Wilson speaking to the media said the SKD Sports Complex which is the National Stadium in Liberia has met almost all of the requirements requested by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

He said the only reason why the SKD is facing a ban from CAF is that the playing pitch is not playable.

Minister Wilson said soil technicians from the Agriculture Ministry are currently working on improving the playing pitch at the SKD.

He said since August 18, works on the playing pitch have intensified as they look up to hosting games in November 2021.

CAF inspectors last month disqualified the SKD Sports Complex from hosting FIFA and CAF matches because the playing pitch was unplayable, though, the inspectors were satisfied with 90 percent of work done at the stadium.

The Youth and Sports Minister added that the ultimate solution to the SKD problem is the laying of turf on the playing pitch.

Playing pitch of the SKD

Soil scientists are currently planting additional grass on the playing at the SKD to ensure, the pitch is okay for the November home match for Liberia.

Liberia is among 36 African countries whose stadiums are being banned by CAF from hosting international matches until improvements are done at the respective stadiums.

Liberia is currently in consultation with Ghanaian authorities to have Liberia play its home matches next month in Accra.

The playing ground at the SKD is terrible for playing, as CAF inspectors described it as a “ground with small, small, mountains”.

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