Tragedy In Grand Bassa County: Motorcyclist Drowns, Police Depot Burned In Protest

Local News

Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County – In a shocking turn of events, a crowd of angry motorcyclists set fire to the only police depot at the St. John River Bridge in Buchanan City on Wednesday. The incident occurred after the motorcyclists accused the Drug Enforcement Officers (LDEA) who were assigned at the police depot of causing the death of one of their own.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident began when Austin Davis, a motorcyclist, was stopped by LDEA officers at the police depot. Davis, fearing arrest, jumped into the St. John River and drowned. The motorcyclists were outraged by the officers’ actions and accused them of causing his death.

The situation quickly escalated, and the crowd of motorcyclists set the police depot on fire, causing significant damage to the building and equipment. Buchanan City residents were left in shock as the depot was the only one in the area, responsible for maintaining law and order in the region.

The local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, and it is unclear at this time if any arrests have been made. The incident has left the community in a state of shock, and many are calling for justice for Austin Davis and for the rebuilding of the police depot.

In the meantime, the Grand Bassa County Police Command has urged the public to remain calm and cooperate with the ongoing investigation. The LDEA has also issued a statement condemning the violence and promising to fully cooperate with the investigation. The situation is still developing and more information will be provided as it becomes available.


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