63 Liberian Students Graduate From Prestigious Near East University In Northern Cyprus


On Monday, 23rd January 2023, a total of 63 Liberians participated in the annual graduation ceremony of the prestigious Near East University in the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus, bagging master’s degrees in different disciplines. The graduation of these 63 young Liberian students marks the highest number of Liberians graduating from the Near East University in a single graduation, surpassing the total number of Liberians that have graduated in previous years combined.

The Near East University is among the top universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Ranked number one in the country and 1852 in the world, Near East is the largest university in Northern Cyprus. Founded in 1988 and with over 17 faculties, the University is home to over 25,000 students.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Vice Rector of Near East University Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Dean of Faculty Prof. Dr. Mutahhar Ulusoy, deans, academicians, students and guests. There was a musical performance at the ceremony, and Prof. Dr. Mutahhar Ulusoy, Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, and Valedictorian Hilal Kızılkaya each made a speech.

The graduates took an oath, and Valedictorian Hilal Kızılkaya placed her name engraved plaque on the log. Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ and Prof. Dr. Mutahhar Ulusoy awarded diplomas and medals to valedictorian Hilal Kızılkaya, salutatorian Serdar Güven and third highest ranked graduate Selin Nur Gülmez. Finally, all graduates were presented their diplomas.

The graduation of the 63 Liberians was met with joy and excitement from all in attendance. They will now go on to make their mark in the world, equipped with the knowledge and skills they have acquired at the Near East University.

Below are some of the candidates:

  1. Antoinette Namah Nimely – MA International Relations
  2. Sametta B Kpui – MBA
  3. Richlieu Daddy Foley – MBA
  4. Jeremiah Henry – MBA
  5. Mark Cassell – MBA
  6. Kalunkeler Yonnie Zayee – MBA
  7. Olivia Gifty Dennis – MSc. Banking and Finance
  8. Joseph Kolee – MSc. Banking and Accounting
  9. Richard D W Allen – MSc. Tourism Management
  10. Marilyn L.Monlu – MSc. Banking and Finance
  11. Henry Roberts – MBA
  12. Romeo Andy Joshua – MBA
  13. Marcus Paye Quoigoah l – MSc. Environmental Science and Engineering
  14. Allen D Cephus – MBA
  15. Kelvin Mewaseh Johnson – MA International Relations
  16. Tommy Otis Pritchard – MA International Relations
  17. Alvin F. Terry MSc. Biostatistics
  18. Charles Wesley Blake -MBA
  19. Archie Roosevelt Martu MSc. Banking and Finance
  20. McArthur F. T. Teah – LLM. International Law
  21. Joseph M. C. Kollie – MBA
  22. Abraham Wallace Karsuah – MSc. Banking and Finance
  23. Pious Ford Williams – MSc. Banking and Finance
  24. Ahmed Gmawulue – MBA
  25. Diana Candy Massaquoi – MA. International Relations
  26. Veronica Lorpu Smith – MSc. General Psychology
  27. Aquina Kwantee Fannoh – MSc. General Psychology
  28. Denise Morris – MSc. Tourism Management
  29. Catherine Kuku Dolo -Msc. Environmental Education and Management
  30. Roosevelt M Zulu MSc. Banking and Finance
  31. Saviour Faith Outland -MBA
  32. Julius D. Wilson – MA. Human Resources Development

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