James Debbah Calls Coach Keita’s Appointment As National Team Coach A ‘Scandal Of Gigantic Proportion’


James Debbah, a former national team player and coach, has criticized the recent appointment of Coach Ansu Keita as the head coach of the senior national team, calling it a “scandal of gigantic proportion.” Debbah stated ina Facebook post “that this is not a matter of politics, but of football, and that it is important to be realistic about the situation.”

According to Debbah, he is aware that President GMW did not endorse Coach Keita’s appointment. He claims that he had a discussion with the president about the need for an experienced and technically qualified coach for the senior national team, and that Coach Keita does not possess the necessary credentials. “Coach Keita is primarily a youth developmental coach who has never been tested at the senior national team level” Debbah said.

Debbah also claims that three members of the vetting committee, Boy Charles, Jerico Nagbe, and Anthony Tokpa, who are former professional footballers with technical knowledge, refused to endorse Coach Keita’s appointment because they knew it was a farce and a treachery that was already preempted.

Furthermore, Debbah questioned the presence of Madame Roseline Konneh on the vetting committee, who he describes as a football administrator and not a technocrat of the game. He states that Madame Konneh is not qualified to make decisions on hiring a coach for the national team.

This story is developing.

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