Journalists At The Legislature Given Satellite Office Space And Scholarship Opportunities


In a historic move, journalists assigned at the legislature in Liberia have been provided with a satellite office space and scholarships for training and education. The move, which is the first of its kind in 30 years, was made possible under the leadership of Maryland County Representative and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers. The journalists, who are members of the Legislative Press Pool (LEGISPOL), will now have access to a dedicated space for news filing and packaging for their respective outlets.

Dr. Chambers also announced his willingness to provide four slots for scholarships to members of LEGISPOL in his personal scholarship program. He emphasized the importance of the journalists as partners to the legislature in their reporting of the body’s activities and urged them to focus on the positive developments happening at the legislature.

During the interaction with LEGISPOL members and officials in the new satellite office space, Dr. Chambers also emphasized the role of the press in the democratization of the state and called on journalists to see Liberia as a common patrimony. He stressed the importance of the press in the functioning of a better democracy and urged them to hold high standards and ethics in their reporting practices.

The head of LEGISPOL, Mr. Henry Karmo, expressed appreciation to the leadership of the House of Representatives for the provision of the satellite office space and pledged the commitment of his organization to work with the leadership of the House of Representatives for the best interest of the country. The occasion was also attended by other members of the legislative press pool and representatives from the government

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