Editorial: Social Media Posts Not Enough: Liberian Government Needs A Media Strategy


There is a lack of cohesive media strategy among government officials and ministries responsible for disseminating information about the Weah administration’s development initiatives. Despite a series of impressive projects, such as the Lofa Mini hydro project, the ELWA-Coca-Cola Factory corridor project, the New Sinoe Multilateral TEVT School project, and the West Point football field project, there has been no official release from a single government agency highlighting these achievements.

Instead, information about these initiatives has been scattered across social media, posted by various government officials including Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Aids and individuals. while these post may showcase the tangible achievements of the Weah administration, the lack of verifiable information about when these projects were started and when they will be completed undermines the image of the government.

Furthermore, this disjointed approach to disseminating information raises questions about accountability and transparency. Without official records of these initiatives, it will be difficult for the public to track the progress and impact of these projects. Additionally, the focus on being the first to post information on social media, instead of doing the work of providing accurate and official information, suggests that some government officials may be more interested in gaining favor with the President than in fulfilling their duties to the public.

It is crucial that the government establish a cohesive media strategy that prioritizes providing accurate and official information to the public. This approach will not only improve the image of the government, but also increase accountability and transparency. The Weah administration has made a strong start with its development initiatives, but it is important that the government continue to build on this progress by providing the public with reliable information about these projects.

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