Fresh Fighting Erupts In Eastern DRC Despite Agreement To End Hostilities

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Fresh fighting has erupted in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, despite an agreement between the government and rebel groups to end hostilities. The fighting between the army and M23 rebels on Tuesday is said to have caused many people to flee their homes, according to local reports. The situation has escalated rapidly, with reports of mass displacement towards the town of Mweso, a local journalist told the BBC on Tuesday morning.

The military has not commented on the latest fighting, but a spokesman for the rebels accused government forces of attacking their positions as they prepared to further withdraw as outlined in an agreement reached in Angola’s capital, Luanda. The agreement was reached in order to end the ongoing hostilities, but it seems that the government forces have not upheld their end of the bargain. The rebels have accused President Tshisekedi of being more keen on “destroying the M23” instead of peacefully resolving the conflict.

The UN says more than 400,000 people have fled their homes in the conflict since last year. This latest outbreak of fighting is a significant setback for the peace process in the region and will have severe consequences for the civilians caught in the middle. The international community needs to take urgent action to address the situation and find a lasting solution to the crisis. The human cost of this conflict is already too high and it’s imperative that the parties involved come together to find a peaceful resolution.

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