United Methodist’s Bishop Predicts Hunger, Hardship And Gasoline Shortage In Liberia

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Ahead of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections in Liberia, the
Resident Bishop of the United Methodist Church Liberia area, Samuel J.
Quire, Jr. has predicted hunger, hardship and gasoline shortage in the
It is no secret that Liberians have over the years decried hardship, the
shortage of rice and gasoline on the Liberian market something many have
blamed on the “failure” of the George Weah administration to have price
control and institute stringent measures to stabilize the Liberian economy.

But the Liberian Government has consistently attributed the increase in the
price of the basic commodities to global challenge with the Russia-Ukraine
war being the center point.
The situations have also drawn the attention of men of God one of whom is
Bishop Quire. The Liberian prelate delivering the noon day message at the
seat of the just ended 25 th annual session of the Weala District Conference of
the United Methodist Church in Weala, Margibi County; predicted hardship,
hunger and shortage of gasolione.
The United Methodist Bishop indicated that already there is a sign that there
will be hunger referencing the late bearing of fruits by plum trees in the
According to him, 2023 has started but Liberians do not know what it has
noting that one sign that it has shown him is that fruits are late in coming
thereby calling on Liberians to observe them.
“Ehn you see the plum tree there it just started growing small, small flower,
it tells you that in the rainy season that’s the time the plum will start coming
and so the plum will be poor this season, and it means when you see such a
thing like this coming then that means hunger is coming in the Town” Bishop
Quire explained.
The Bishop emphasizing on the shortage of gasoline indicated that why
between wake and sleep recently, he was informed at a filling station that a
vendor of gasoline was delaying to serve him because vendors want to
increase the price of the commodity.
“I was between sleep and wake and then I went to the filling station to take
gasoline then somebody came to me they were looking for me they say we
are looking for the papay who get this car, I say what happen they say papay
we coming to tell you, you see; the people delaying to sell you the gasoline
because they want carry the price up. Gasoline shortage is coming, hardship
is coming” he narrated.
The Bishop said the instead of the 2023 elections bringing enjoyment it will
bring hardship adding that because that’s the work of the devil.

Using the conference’s theme which is quoted as saying “be still” taken from
Exodus 14:13-16, Bishop Quire admonished members of the Weala District
Conference to be still no matter what comes.
“Weala District your God is saying to you this afternoon don’t worry, you
have rice to eat you don’t have rice to eat don’t worry. School fees, no school
fees don’t worry be still because you don’t know how God will deliver you.
He called on the congregation to get on their knees and look up to God on
grounds that it will not be easy. The Bishop warned his members to be
careful before taking money that politicians will take to them in the name of
“It will not be the money that will fool you; you got to open your eyes, ask
God to show you the way.
Bishop Quire used the occasion to call on those that will contesting the 2023
elections to not get involve into human sacrifice indicating that anyone who
does that he/she will not be elected.
“Our politicians who are running; God wants me to tell them, don’t put your
hand in any kind of blood business. Anybody who put their hand in blood
business you will fail” he said.

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