President Weah, CDC Yet To Comment On Alarming Sight At ATS Rally


The Liberian people were alarmed this weekend, when several armed individuals wearing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) t-shirts were seen brandishing AK-47 rifles in the crowd at the nomination rally for President Weah at the ATS. This unexpected sight is a cause of great concern, as there have been rumors of a militant group being formed by the CDC in Lofa County.

The presence of armed men at a political event has left many citizens worried about the potential of a return to the country’s past of armed factions and has led to a public outcry on social media. Many are calling for the security forces, such as the police and EPS, to ensure the upcoming October election remains safe and secure, without the presence of armed individuals.

This incident comes at a sensitive time in Liberian politics, as the nation prepares for the elections in October. As a result, President Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change are yet to comment on the event, but it has sparked an intense debate among the citizens of Liberia about the role of armed individuals in politics and the need for a peaceful election.

It remains to be seen how the government will respond to the alarming sight at President Weah’s rally. It is essential that the election is free of any interference and is conducted in a safe and secure manner, so that the Liberian people can elect their leader without fear of violence or intimidation. Only with the full cooperation of all parties, can the election take place in an atmosphere of unity and security.

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