Government Of Liberia Addresses Concerns Over EPS Conduct At Political Rally


The Government of Liberia has responded to concerns raised over the behavior of members of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) who were seen wearing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) paraphernalia during the party’s recent “One Million Men Rally”. The government has acknowledged that these concerns are legitimate and described the EPS officers’ actions as embarrassing.

In response, the Chairman of the Joint-Security of Liberia, Justice Minister Counselor Frank Musah Dean Jr., has mandated the head of the EPS, Director Trokon Nathaniel Roberts, to ensure that such unprofessional behavior does not occur in the future. Justice Minister Dean has also reminded all national security forces of their oath to defend and protect all citizens and residents of the country in a neutral, professional, and decent manner.

The government of Liberia has expressed its commitment to holding free, fair, and transparent elections that are secure and accessible to all participants, regardless of political affiliation. It has stated that the regrettable actions of some EPS members will not tarnish the record of the Weah administration in successfully conducting several elections in the past.

The government’s message, signed by Minister Ledgerhood J Rennie, aims to assure the public that it takes these concerns seriously and is taking steps to ensure that the EPS behaves in a professional and neutral manner during future political events.Regenerate response

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