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President Weah Issues Executive Order # 94 & Proclamation Affecting LEC And Children Under 18

Monrovia: The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has issued Executive Order 94 exempting the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) from paying customs duties and General Services Tax (GST) on petroleum products. GST falls in special categories of equipment, materials and vehicles used by the LEC in the conduct of its operations. Specifically, the GST exempt for LEC include

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Crusaders For Peace Gets $20,000USD Boost – As Amb Julie Endee Prioritizes Cultural Village Completion

Monrovia: At jammed pack program organized by Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to enable a Nigerian Prelate Rev. Mother Esther Ajai make a donation of over $270,000USD in cash and kind to several disable organizations including institutions working to advance Peace and Security in Liberia, Liberia Crusaders for Peace received a $20,000USD boost to advance their work. The Crusaders

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NAYMOTE’s Report Out On Lawmakers’ Campaign Promises

Monrovia: National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE) has released its latest report under its Legislative Accountability Project, focusing on the scale at which lawmakers are making good or reneging on campaign promises made during the 2017 elections. The report which is titled Legislative Accountability—promises made, promises kept, captured 12 members of the Legislature. The Legislative Accountability Project is an

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53 Bills Locked Up In Committee Room At Lower House -As Legislature Resumes 2nd Sitting

Monrovia: The First Sitting of the 54th National Legislature of 2018 appeared unachieved as several bills for Legislative enactment were locked up in committee room over the period. Both Houses (House of Representatives and Senate) officially resumed the 2nd sitting of the 54th Legislature in Monrovia after the annual break in accordance to Article 52 of the Constitution, with a

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‘Undemocratic and Dictatorial’ SUP Reacts To UL’s Administration Suspension Of Student Politics

Monrovia: “We will not bow down to the de-man god of Liberia neither succumb to the dark days of the Weah-led government to infiltrate our School’s administration to call for abrupt suspension of Student Politics we will challenge this action”, Student Unification Party (SUP) Stander Bearer, Martin Kollie told scores of SUPIST at an assembly on the University of Liberia’s

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“Disappointment, Power Struggle And Misrepresentation Marred Legislature’s First Sitting” Says Rep. Solomon George

Monrovia: Montserrado County District # 7 Representative Solomon George has termed the first sitting of the 54th Legislature especially the House of Representatives as disappointing, misrepresentation, the struggle for power among others. Rep. Solomon George is currently serving a second term mandate as representative from the people of district 7 in Montserrado County. 107 lawmakers are elected to the House

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