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“Liberian Bloggers Desperate To End My Career” – Deng

In a tell it all interview with The Monrovia Times, Liberian international superstar Deng says some Liberian bloggers are desperate to undermine him and end his musical career for reasons unknown to him. According to Deng, some Liberian bloggers are digging up an event that transpired about month ago and exaggerating it in their blog post to make him look

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For Touching Lives Of Liberian Refugees: Nigerian Philanthropist Wins Int’l Humanitarian Award

A Nigerian philanthropist has been crowned the winner of the International Humanitarian Award at the just ended Golden Image Award (GIA) ceremony held in Monrovia for his continued selfless services to humanity over the years. Founded in 2011, the GIA is an annual awards ceremony organized by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) and executed by the GIA Secretariat. The

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Liberian Jollof Rice Win 2018 Atlanta and Washington DC Jollof Festival

Liberia has won the 2nd annual Jollof Festival held by Afropolitan Insights at the historic Union Market in Washington, DC. Jollof otherwise known as Jollof Rice is an African cuisine popular in the West African Sub-region and cooked in different style depending on which country you visit. Recently, the topic has been trending on social media as to which country

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LEA: Winners VS Losers

If you are like me, you probably watched the Liberian Entertainment Award (LEA) through a series of Facebook snippets or waited for the Liberian fashion police, whoever they may be, to post criticism and or praises of individuals best or worst dress for the occasion but…   The Truth The truth is, many of you who are like me didn’t

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