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“Transcending Liberia’s Messy Educational System To World Class Is Attainable!” Part One (1)

Transcending Liberia’s messy educational system status to a world-class status is attainable if the most urgent challenges and solutions are given a look at. The inability of teachers to be academically accountable and their performances being regularly evaluated has been a significant factor in the degradation of the educational sector. Teachers are to be weekly checked as per the notes

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Op-Ed: A Positive Reflection Of President Weah’s First 100 Days

President George Manneh Weah is approaching his first 100 days in power, and so far he is putting all his critics to shame. Internationally, the President has been well received by French citizens and their President, the Moroccans, the African leaders at the  AU; and most leaders in our subregion (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo). Domestically our President has met

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